Scansmiths – The Iron Village Documentary

Our client a serial film collector who has around 1000 reels of film ranging from documentaries to features, the collection comprises of 16mm & 35mm prints.
They purchased ’The Iron Village’ a documentary about the lives of sailors on the HMS Ark Royal from a fellow collector who is slowly selling their collection. they usually research films that come into collection, so on googling ’The Iron Village’. The results indicated that the members of the navy who served on Ark Royal at the time had been looking for a copy of the film. It seems that this is the only copy left! The various film archives in the UK certainly don’t have a copy.
On deciding to start a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs of getting the film scanned and producing a DVD/Blu Ray for people who donated to the campaign. The feedback was great and Scansmiths scanned the  print both picture and sound and provided a digital copy of the film for distribution.
For more detail please check out the link below.
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