Asset Tracking and Database Generation

The first step in your assets journey at Scansmiths is to be booked into our asset tracking system, this starts with the scanning of any ID reference on the physical asset, this is usually a barcode or QR Code, if one is not on the asset our system generates a barcode and we print the relevant labels for the asset. 

We then take multiple images of the assets taking care to ensure we get the film can and label, the film itself and any paperwork that is included with the asset. This gives an accurate record of what we received and its condition.

Our system then create a place holder for any subsequent associated content that relates to that asset ready for the content to be associated to the asset.

The system them moves us on in the journey to film preparation, this includes any repair and cleaning, this is a manual task and the operations team only move the asset to the next stage once the stage is complete and moves on the scanning of the film and any associated audio elements.

Every step of our process is tracked in our system as to who performed the process and the time it was completed.

Once we scan the film we then put the content in folders that have the asset reference in the naming convention this then knows when we upload that folder all elements within it will be automatically associated to the asset. 

This is when we generate the proxy to populate your Scansmiths Portal for review and tagging of your media as soon as the asset is uploaded. See Scansmiths Portal page for more information

We then move the asset to its delivery process either to Secure UDT transfer to your Cloud or in Premise storage or to local drives or LTO Tape.